Hilton Hilton

The powerful story of this brand required a powerful concept. The name Hilton Hilton immediately reveals its legacy and bright future— joining two halves and creating a powerful symbol.

Interconnectedness, legacy and a contemporary nature were all key design elements in producing a ‘HH’ monogram at the heart of the Hilton Hilton brand.

A brand is more than a logo. It is also more than an ideal. The new Hilton Hilton brand was formed around the values and achievements of a lifetime in prestige property sales. As we nurture and grow our brand we are reminded of the journey to this point.

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Best known for creating the mega iconic Apple logo that we all know and love, leveraging Rob Janoff's 40+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 brands, Hilton Hilton has the capacity to successfully communicate a global visual brand language.

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The Logo

The Concept

Having a duality of Hilton owners demanded that our new logo speak to the power created by combined energies and expertise. The discovery phase of our design work naturally focused on the desirability of circular shapes. The connection to a more feminine form as well as the dynamism achieved with intertwined elements enabled a compelling brand story to emerge.

Although a selection of competing designs was presented, the chosen logo seemed to embody the perfect evolution of form. Unity and energy had powered the success of Rick and Barron Hilton’s relationship along with their success. Unity and energy, tradition and modernity, knowledge and technology. The new logo demonstrates the power of partnership.